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Bàsic Mercat Andorre la Vieille

Emblem of inclusive luxury in Andorra, the jewellery and watch retailer BÀSIC MERCAT offers an exclusive selection of the most sumptuous pieces created by prestigious workshops. From jewellery to watches, its unique expertise and renowned savoir-faire enable this famous jeweller to offer you the most precious objects man can create.

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Fred bracelets, Chaumet necklaces, Messika rings, Pomellato pendants and other luxury jewellery - each piece displayed in our showcases have been meticulously selected for the extreme quality of its materials and talent of its creator and the authentic expert knowledge that has gone into its making.

The important names in fine watchmaking - Breitling, Chanel, Bell&Ross, or Oris are available at BÀSIC MERCAT. This Andorran watch retailer selects the most exclusive timepieces for their elegant beauty, history, precision and high-tech movements, housed like treasures in their breathtaking cases, without forgetting its international commercial guarantee.


Andorra la Vella’s jewellery store offers a wide range of accessories - sumptuous, timeless and modern objects that transcend traditional fashion rules yet remain exceptional. BÀSIC MERCAT is Andorra’s top destination for luxury gifts.

Do you know the Breitling squads formed to promote the brand’s values? Discover the deals claimed by the prestigious members of each universe: All-Star, Spotlight, Cinema, Explorers, Aviation Pioneer, Surfers, and Triathlon...

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Watch workshop

The experts at our watch workshop will take care of your timepiece. BÀSIC MERCAT, an authorised distributor, will manage the review and possible repairs of all brand models distributed in-store and provide express and chronometer services.