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MESSIKA & Romain Grosjean

“Somehow, I think our two worlds come together through the common values we share: honesty, friendship, perfection. The need to always go higher. »

MESSIKA & Romain Grosjean


How did your relationship with Maison Messika develop?

Romain Grosjean: It’s a beautiful story first linked to my engagement with Marion in 2011. I bought a Messika ring for the occasion. Then for our wedding in 2012, as we loved the design of the house, we continued with wedding rings. Later, I met the Michelin-starred chef, Akrame Benallal, a friend of the Messika family. He was the first to mention the affinities that we could share with Valérie and her husband. I was organizing a charity gala at the time and Valérie very kindly offered a piece for the event. She also came in person for the occasion. This is how we first met and became friends. Knowing that my wife already wore jewelry from the House at the time, it was a beautiful nod to life.

A priori the world of motorsport and jewelry seem to be two very different worlds, did this proposed collaboration surprise you?

RG : Not that much. I know the Messika family well, and am a huge fan of their creations. Somehow, I think our two worlds come together through the common values we share. So I was very very proud when Valérie asked me to do this collaboration. I greatly admire her accomplishments and what she has accomplished. For me, she totally stands out in the world of jewelry, she is always one step ahead and I like that.

For the shoot, you are far from the circuits, and from the world of motor sports, what did you want to reflect with this project?

RG : Expressing who I am sincerely. With my life, my experience, my left hand marked by the fire of Bahrain. It’s true that it’s never easy to be on a shooting set when you’re not a professional model. But Valérie once again found the right dynamic to reveal myself, and the team was really perfect. This campaign reflects very well the different aspects of my personality - it is authentic and true - like the links I have forged with Maison Messika. My loved ones find me completely in these photos.

What does Maison Messika and its creations mean to you?

RG : For me, Messika obviously illustrates the bond with my loved one, my wife Marion, through her engagement ring and wedding band. It is also a constant search for perfectly mastered beauty and precision. These are jewels that you can wear every day, which beyond highlighting you, resonate with your personality.

In your daily life, what is your relationship to jewelry? Do you wear it frequently?

RG : Most often, I wear a watch and my wedding ring and especially a Messika bracelet, from the Move collection with three diamonds. Three exceptional gems that illustrate my three children; my three jewels. It is a gift from the House, a real lucky charm for me.
My children are my daily strength, so for sure this bracelet rarely leaves me.

If you look at your journey in retro, how do you feel?

RG : A lot of pride to have been able to do what I wanted in my life. To be a Formula 1 driver - that for 10 years - and to continue to live from my passion even today. I constantly try to look for the best in myself, to always go further, not to rest on achievements, always to challenge myself. These are important values for me and which seem to me to join those of Messika. This is why I am very proud to have been able to participate in this project.

About Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean began his karting career in 2000 at the age of 14. In 2003, he won the Swiss Formula Lista championship with 10 victories. The following year, he participated for the first time in the French Formula Renault 2.0 championship. He finished 7th and obtained his first victory.
In 2005, for his second season in Formula Renault 2.0, Romain obtained the title of French Champion thanks to 10 victories and reached the next level: Formula 3 Euroseries. Two years later, he won the title of this category with 6 victories.
In 2008, he became a Renault F1 Team test driver and took part in the GP2 Series (4th with 2 wins) and the GP2 Asia Series, where he became the first Champion with 4 wins.
In 2009, he participated in part of the GP2 Series season (2 wins) and made his debut in Formula 1 by participating in the last 7 Grands Prix of the season.
He scored the first points of his F1 career at the 2012 Chinese GP by finishing 6th. At the following Grand Prix in Bahrain, Romain obtained his first F1 podium by finishing 3rd after leading the race for one lap thanks to pit stops. During this season, he will obtain 3 podiums including a second place, he will enter the points 10 times and will finish in 8th place in the World Championship with 96 points.
In 2021, Romain opens a new chapter in his career by signing with Dale Coyne Racing to compete in the NTT INDYCAR SERIES.

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