Mercat del Diamant

Mercat Del Diamant Luxury Jewelry & Watch Retailer in Andorra

Opened in the early 1990s, the Mercat Del Diamant boutique - located on the famous Meritxell Avenue in Andorra la Vella - is a true emblem of luxury watches and jewelry in Andorra. Over the years it has become known for its company philosophy, which is aimed at providing complete customer satisfaction. This is one of Andorra’s top destinations for luxury jewelry and watch brands at the best price.

Mercat del Diamant
Mercat Del Diamant Luxury Jewelry & Watch Retailer in Andorra

Mercat del Diamant: luxury jewelry and watch retailer in Andorra

Mercat del Diamant, a luxury watch and jewelry store located in Andorra la Vella, offers its customers the opportunity to discover a magnificent exhibition gallery.

The biggest names in luxury goods

Mercat del Diamant showcases pieces from distinguished designers working in the jewelry and gemology fields. Mercat del Diamant offers sumptuous pieces crafted with the highest quality materials. The designers in their selection stand out for the expert craftsmanship used to create watches and jewelry of the highest value.

Mercat del Diamant’s permanent collection of jewelry, watches, precious stones and diamonds is meticulously selected from the world’s biggest names in luxury jewelry.

Available brands

Mercat del Diamant is proud to be the exclusive retailer of many famous watch and jewelry brands in Andorra. The following lists the brands available in-store:

• ETC.

Perfect customer service in Andorra’s mecca of jewelry and watch boutiques

Mercat del Diamant’s experienced team of salespeople will provide you with exhaustive information about their jewelry, watches, precious stones, diamonds and other pearls present in their collections.

One of the cornerstones of the store’s philosophy is to provide optimal customer satisfaction. With Mercat del Diamant’s exceptional service, each individual will be guided through our selection of truly elegant and distinguished pieces until they find exactly what they were searching for while enjoying our unbelievable prices.

Flawless ethical commitment

At Mercat Del Diamant, an Andorran jewelry and watch retailer, special attention is paid to the origin and traceability of the materials used to make the pieces in their collections.

They strive to collaborative with brands that share this philosophy, which also encompasses a total respect for the environment and the local communities where metals and precious stones are extracted.

Personalized customer services

When you visit Mercat del Diamant jewelry and watch retailers in Andorra la Vella, you will receive personalized customer service. Our gemologists will provide you with detailed information about the pieces in our collections.

The shop also houses a jewelry and watchmaking workshop, which upholds the highest standards. For example, it provides assessment, certification and restoration services for gemstones.

Additional information


Store hours

Mecat del Diamant is open every day of the week from 10:30AM to 13:30AM and from 4PM to 8PM.


The boutique is closed on the following days:
• January 1st
• March 14th - Constitution Day
• September 8th - Meritxell’s national holiday
• December 25th

Address and contact information


Mercat del Diamant
Avenue Meritxell, 18
Andorra la Vella
Principality of Andorra

Tel: +(376) 800 630 M.: +(376) 610 630

Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s jewelry and watch retailer’s contact information

Feel free to contact Mercat del Diamant to check on the availability of the pieces that you are interested in.