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Chaumet, Place Vendôme, Paris. Chaumet has been a renowned jewellery watchmaker since 1780. That sentence alone would almost suffice to comprehend this French House’s extremely high position on the chessboard of French luxury and refinement. This major brand’s creations and multiple collections have attracted an ever-changing public for over two centuries. Its clientele continues to be fascinated and drawn to Chaumet’s jewel-like timepieces.

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Chaumet Watches at Bàsic Mercat - Andorra’s jewelry and watch retailer

The perfect combination of fine watchmaking and top-of-the-line jewellery

Historic and authentic timepieces

Chaumet concentrates on crafting jewellery and watchmaking creations that reflect its expert knowledge and timeless skill combined with an inimitable, chic French design. The House of Chaumet, located in Place Vendôme, is a symbol of Parisian luxury, which is reputed for its world-renowned jewellery business excelling in its meticulous craftsmanship of the use of coloured gemstones and precious metals.

This centuries-old skill has been enriched over the years, allowing Chaumet to offer bold and harmoniously crafted watches and jewellery collections. Chaumet’s other tour de force is its ability to continue manufacturing and updating its successful models while staying true to its classic, modern and avant-garde style.

The collections




Liens Lumiere

Class One

Blending tradition and innovation

From chronographs to pendulum clocks

Winding watches, tact watches, jumping hour watches, chronographs, pendulum clocks, metronomes... Since its inception, the Chaumet House has distinguished itself by manufacturing various models of timepieces with creative complications and striking dials.

Drawing on the savoir-faire of the best Swiss watch manufacturers, the House combines the rigour of Swiss tradition with Parisian refinement.

The science behind Swiss movements

All Chaumet watch mechanisms are designed in Switzerland. They are equipped with impressively precise movements made by watchmaking manufacturers who are rigorously selected for their particular assembly methods and ability to craft excellent finishing touches. These techniques include using polished main plates, angled bridges, blued steel screws, hand and dial details, etc.

The Chaumet House’s saga

The history of Chaumet watches embodies the Swiss watchmaking tradition blended with Parisian refinement. Over centuries these elements have become delicately interlaced with the company’s jewellery crafting skills.

Chaumet’s rich history

Marie-Etienne Nitot founded the House of Chaumet in Paris in 1780; since its inception, the history of the House of Chaumet has been intricately intertwined with the history of France. After completing an apprenticeship with Auber crafting pieces for Queen Marie-Antoinette, Nitot was appointed Emperor Napoleon the First and Empress Josephine’s official jeweller!

His talent in creating luxury jewellery was rapidly recognised, as was his use of nature as an inspiration. For over 200 years, Chaumet watches have been setting nature in motion. These nature-inspired pieces include models such as the Hortensia Eden watch, a prime example of the French brand’s obsessive attention to detail. You can purchase this breathtaking objet d’art by Chaumet at Basic Mercat in Andorra.

Approved by Dior and Saint-Laurent

Combining unique talent with a bold design, Chaumet has enjoyed continued success - from the Italian Renaissance to the Art Deco period to the 19th century and the post-war era. The brand has been proud to collaborate with the most important names, Christian Dior and Yves Saint-Laurent.

Today, Chaumet watches continue to be synonymous with casual class and luxury. Materials such as mother-of-pearl, marquetry, diamonds and gold manufacture these luxury watches.

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Collections that never disappoint

Some of Chaumet’s most famous collections are Liens, Class One and Dandy.

Their simplicity transcends technical mastery, creating models with unequalled aesthetic qualities. The complex mechanisms of the Dandy watch are a perfect example of these features. The mechanisms are subtly concealed under the cushion-shaped dial, creating a unique style enhanced by high-tech features. In Andorra, buying your Chaumet watch at Basic Mercat allows you to enjoy various models at the best prices.

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