De Grisogono Watches in Andorra at Basic Mercat Jeweler & Watch retailer

As a young company that rapidly rose to success, De Grisogono has undoubtedly become one of the top designers in the luxury watchmaking industry and has been so for the past ten years. The brand’s collections have become known world wide thanks to their singular aesthetic and inimitable signature look. This success is due to the great Fawaz Gruosi’s seemingly limitless creativity! De Grisogono watches are available at the best prices at Basic Mercat in Andorra.

De Grisogono Watches in Andorra at Basic Mercat Jeweler & Watch retailer

Innovation that transcends the watchmaking tradition

A new, ground-breaking look that dazzles

Fawaz Gruosi’s revolutionary vision

President and founder of De Grisogono, Fawaz Gruosi has never tried to hide his desire to innovate. His watches boast daring unconventional, stunning cases that house ground-breaking intricate movements. These elements form the cornerstone from which this brand was built.

A successful future awaits

One thing is certain – the brand’s upward mobility is due to its creator’s personal drive and inventive character. The brand’s short yet rich journey to international fame has been punctuated by countless successful collections, from De Grisogono’s first line Instrumento Uno to the Meccanico collection. The brand’s capacity to gain international notoriety in just 10 short years testifies to its undeniable talent.

The collections

De Grisogono offers multiple creations and approximately twenty collections, for both men and women, which rival each other in luxury and elegance:

  • For the ladies: Allegra, Lovivi, Luna, Grappoli and many others
  • For the gentlemen: Uno, New Retro and Occhio

Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to cite them all, but one of the latest models from this Swiss House has caught our attention - the New Retro.

New Retro

The New Retro watch is a true eye catcher, with its minimalist appearance, slender form and rounded case.

Its complex design reminiscent of an Art Deco period clock piques one’s curiosity: the 50mm wide and 44mm long case is comprised of two sapphire crystals. Available in pink or white gold, it is a truly extraordinary, original timepiece.

It is equipped with a DG 10-01 automatic mechanical movement. Simple yet breathtaking, its dial seems to be floating. The alligator strap adds the perfect finishing touch to this highly attractive watch. A true must-have!

A new name with a rich history

Geneva: where the Grisogono adventure began

In 1993, Fawaz Gruosi opened his first jewelry boutique in Geneva. Passionate about art, he quickly made a name for himself by designing jewelry with black diamonds, a stone that is difficult to work with.

De Grisogono enjoyed immediate success and opened several boutiques in London and then in Gstaad. De Grisogono watches have naturally found their place in Andorra at Basic Mercat, who offers several sumptuous watch collections.

In 2002, De Grisogono partnered with Chopard Group. This partnership flourished, leading the Chopard Group to take full control of the brand.

From 2007 onwards, increasingly successful collections were launched. De Grisogono has achieved a firm reputation for crafting timepieces and jewelry with a chic and modern style.

Innovation and technology

Inventive and bold, De Grisogono brings its modern watchmaking workshops into the spotlight.

Fawaz Gruosi’s ideas come to life in a three-story 850m² (9,149ft²) factory by carefully combining watchmaking tradition with a keen sense of innovation.

De Grisogono’s genius allowed him to obtain several patents, one of which was a sensation - it consists of an elegant combination of chronograph and running seconds sub-dials outlined by a retrograde date calendar, which are displayed in twin arcs.

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Basic Mercat’s address

Basic Mercat jewelry and watch retailer is located in the capital of the Principality, Andorra la Vella. The boutique is open every day from 10AM to 2PM and from 4PM to 8 PM - Av. Meritxell, 50, AD500 Andorra la Vella.

At Basic Mercat in Andorra, you’ll find your De Grisogono watch and much more…

An unparalleled brand

Over the past few years, De Grisogono has incorporated a new manufacturing factory dedicated to creating limited edition collections and various prototypes in order to further personalize an already authentic line of products, resulting in the creation of the unique De Grisogono look. Basic Mercat fell in love with these limited editions and carries them in its boutique located in Andorra!

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